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  • Trade During Trending Or Ranging Markets
  • Software Automatically Identifies Optimal Trade Setups
  • Learn Key Concepts Of Money Management
  • Stop Chasing The Market & Start Anticipating Trades
Enjoy The Benefits Of Automated Technical Analysis

Many people start learning how to day trade by researching technical analysis or joining a trading chat room. While there’s a lot of great information and tools available for traders, we believe that many people end up struggling with conflicting trading opinions, or get let down by robots or EA’s that are supposed to make money on autopilot, and many trading rooms don’t focus on a single trading strategy, which can create chaos.

While trading is a business, it’s also a performance activity. In other words, after you learn “how to trade” you still have to perform in the live market.  For example, a trader can be extremely knowledgeable about the economy or technical analysis, but there’s more to trading than just knowing what you should do. Trading requires the confidence and the skill of making consistent decisions, all while dealing with the pressure of trading the live market.  In other words, trading is very similar to any other performance activity like chess, baseball or poker.

The FxPM Software was designed to help traders make clear and confident decisions. Each part of the trading strategy has been thought out, tested, and taught daily in our live market support room. From entry to exit our software seeks to give you a clear cut path for executing high profit potential trades.

In this video series, we will take you step-by-step through how to use the software, and you’ll learn some very important lessons about risk management and trading psychology. This can help you even if you are brand new to trading or if you’ve been trading for years.

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