Benefits of Short Term Forex Trading

What Are The Benefits of Short Term, Intraday Scalping for The New and Experienced Trader?

The greatest benefit of intraday scalping for all traders is that it limits your exposure to the market you trade.

The greater your exposure the greater your risk. The less exposure you have the less risk you are taking.

Hence, preservation of your capital automatically becomes what happens as a result of shorter term trading.

Next intraday scalping allows you to spend a limited amount of time each day trading a trade or two in order to make small gains consistently over time.

Last, in order to be really successful at this style of trading you are forced to have a clear, concise, plan with well-defined risk perimeters, and tight rules to follow.

What intraday scalping does not mean is to trade like a kamikaze, trigger happy, fighter jet pilot trader.

It means you wait for your opportunity, execute it, and get out (using your risk perimeters in your trading plan). This also doesn’t mean you must sit at your computer all day every day trying to catch every single set up that happens and trade it.

Here’s a great example of how our short term trading strategy allows us to pinpoint our entries with limited risk, while allowing us to scale out trades for further targets.


Profitable trading to all!

Debbie Badawi

FxST Education Specialist

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Author Bio

Dr. Debbie Badawi’s formal education, training, and career is in the field of education. Ten years ago, upon an early retirement, she entered the world of trading equities and then found her passion in day trading and swing trading the Forex Market. Although she trades various currency pairs, she spends much of her trading focus on the EUR/USD. In addition to trading, Debbie mentors other traders, works with the team at FXST, and runs her educational consulting business where parents find educational solutions for their children. When asked what’s next or what’s Debbie’s future? Debbie smiles and precisely says, “ a simple life comforted by a six figure income and a financially free retirement.”

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to “Benefits of Short Term Forex Trading”

  • Martin FxST Trader on July 22, 2015

    Awesome article, I do agree with you on this Debbie. I remember when I was first trading, I tried swing trading and positions trading. I got to say trying to sleep at night was tough knowing I had a 50 to 100 point stop. Ever since I joined FxST , I know that I have been able to sleep a lot better at night. Plus it feels good to know that all I have to do is trade 2-3 hours per day and know that I have made points that same day. I now look forward every day of trading !

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