Traders: Identify Your Learning Type

This article will explain individual learning styles and what they have to do with us as developing traders of the Forex Market.

Understanding this information will also lead to an understanding of why FxST incorporates a high level of personal training into our program.


For the purpose of this article, I will discuss learning styles within the context of six multiple-intelligences or learning styles. The styles I would like to discuss are:

  • visual-spatial
  • verbal-linguistic
  • logical-mathematical
  • body-kinesthetic
  • interpersonal
  • intrapersonal

Visual-spatial intelligence is the ability to perceive the visual. This learner tends to be strongest in visual-spatial arena. He thinks in pictures and need to think in vivid pictures and images to retain information.

Verbal-linguistic intelligence is the ability to use words and language. This learner tends to be strong in auditory skills and demonstrates strong public speaking skills. He thinks in words to retain information as opposed to pictures.

Logical-mathematical intelligence is the ability to use reason, logic, and numbers. This learner tends to think conceptually in logical and numerical patterns. He makes connections between information and retains information based upon logical and numerical patterns.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to control the movement of the body and handle object skillfully. This learner tends to express himself through movement; hence, making connections between information via being physically active and physically engaging with it.

Interpersonal intelligence has to do with being skilled in relating to others and the ability to see things from another person’s perception. Intrapersonal intelligence has to do with one’s ability to self-reflect and being aware of one’s self. This learner understands inner feelings and relationships.

Next, no human being’s learning style is isolated to one; hence; as learners each of us is naturally strong in some of these areas of intelligence and weak in others. This means that human beings use there favored learning style (s) most of the time and then pick and choose to use the one or so others they need for various situations. It is also important to note that any one of the less favored learning styles can be strengthened if utilized regularly. Now the question is, what does this have to do with us as traders?

Each one of us comes to trading with the intelligences/learning style (s) that we favor and those that we don’t.

In order to approach our growth as a trader, it is necessary to identify what kind of learner we are? What learning style is our “go to” and which do we need to further develop in order to become a better trader?

For example, traders who tend to be strong in the visual/spatial style tend to be able to quickly see learn set ups, see patterns, and identify trends in the price action that develops on charts. In contrast, those same visual/spatial traders may be challenged by the intrapersonal area by which is necessary to reflect upon ones decisions and actions while trading.

Further, a trader who tends to favor the logical/mathematical style of learning tends to favor numbers and probabilities. Although, it can be helpful to trading, depending solely on logic and mathematics can blind the trader to the illogical price action that happens on a regular basis.

In conclusion, each of us as a trader is naturally strong in one or more of the following intelligence-learning styles (visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, body-kinesthetic, interpersonal, or intrapersonal). In order for us to develop into highly successful traders and continue to maintain an edge on market action we must know our strong areas as learners and continuously develop areas we need to develop.

If you’re like many of our traders & students you need custom 1-on-1 training to truly be a successful trader. Let us show you how our program incorporates these learning styles into our training and mentorship.


Profitable trading to all!

Debbie Badawi

FxST Education Specialist

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Author Bio

Dr. Debbie Badawi’s formal education, training, and career is in the field of education. Ten years ago, upon an early retirement, she entered the world of trading equities and then found her passion in day trading and swing trading the Forex Market. Although she trades various currency pairs, she spends much of her trading focus on the EUR/USD. In addition to trading, Debbie mentors other traders, works with the team at FXST, and runs her educational consulting business where parents find educational solutions for their children. When asked what’s next or what’s Debbie’s future? Debbie smiles and precisely says, “ a simple life comforted by a six figure income and a financially free retirement.”

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