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More Pips Does Not Always Equal More Profit

Article by: Matt Miller, Senior Trader www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com   In one of our more recent articles we made mention of the phrase “You Can’t Go Broke Taking  Profit.” This rings true more than ever in today’s volatile market conditions. Th...

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The Formula for Long-Term Trading Success

Article by: Josh Wilson, Senior Trader   www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com The Profitable Loser In our most recent articles we have discussed “The Three Pillars of Profitable Trading“ and “Knowing Your Trading Expectancy“ which refer to...

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3 Pillars Of Profitable Trading

Article by: Matt Miller, Senior Trader  www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com   In our most recent articles we have made mention that the rules of Forex trading are changing.  The old ideas and concepts, and the traders that still use them, are getting left by...

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