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Standard & Poor’s Downgrades 9 European Countries

Published: January 16, 2012  Article by: Josh Wilson, Senior Trader   www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com  Standard & Poor’s Pulled the Downgrade-Trigger January 13th in the United States passed without much to lend credence to the irrational fears of th...

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2012 Global Debt Crisis?

Published: January 08, 2012 Article by: Josh Wilson, Senior Trader  www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com If nothing else, 2011 was a year of market volatility in which every major currency was teetering on the edge of the next major move. In this regard 2012 has be...

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EU Summit & Basel Committee on Banking Supervision Meeting

Published: December 11, 2011 Article by: Josh Wilson, Senior Trader  www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com Update on the Euro Zone Sovereign Debt Crisis Excessive borrowing by lenders is often pointed to as one of the leading causes of the economic downturn that h...

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European Sovereign Debt Crisis Forces Top Central Banks to Cut Borrowing Costs

Published: December 1, 2011 Article by: Josh Wilson, Senior Trader www.ForexSuccessfulTraders.com What Caused the Sharp Decline in the US Dollar? Fiscal policy makers, especially those in Western Europe and North America, have been incapacitated trying to appe...

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Raise US Debt Ceiling or Default?

The most hotly debated issue in the market right now is the question of whether President Obama should raise the debt ceiling. It has even overshadowed potential default problems in the Euro Zone because of the rapidly approaching August 2nd deadline. The debt...

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